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The Role of Video Marketing for Law Firms

With the rising popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, audiences are consuming more and more of their content visually. Sure, you’ll still get plenty of potential clients who want to read your blog content and learn more about your service through your practice area pages. But video continues to gain more ground.

Incredibly, the average person spends about 17 hours per week consuming video content. This presents law firms with new challenges and fresh opportunities for legal marketing. Here are some of the latest trends in video marketing and several different types of legal marketing videos your firms can use.

Recent Trends in Video Marketing

If you’re not including video as part of your legal marketing strategy, you’re basically giving up market share to competitors who have integrated it into their firm’s marketing plan. In today’s digital age, video is much more than just another marketing channel. It’s something that consumers value as a means to connect with brands and get important information online. Here are some notable trends in video marketing.

Consumers Prefer Video

Consumers are increasingly watching video content as they discover and research brands. Videos allow consumers to get a better feel for a business and make more informed decisions by viewing video content.

Video is Driving Web Traffic

When it comes to attracting new clients, video content is highly effective. Because it’s dynamic, video is memorable and engaging. In 2023, online video accounted for over 82% of web traffic. According to Google, more than 90% of people say they’ve discovered new products or brands on YouTube.

Video Content Boosts Engagement

Once you get prospective clients to your website, you need some engaging content to keep them there. Video can accomplish this. A majority of professional marketers agree that video will increase the time people will dwell on a website. And viewers admit they retain 95% of the messages they receive via video.

Video Marketing Delivers a High ROI

Both marketers and brands report that video marketing is worth the investment. According to Forrester Research, businesses achieve up to a 300% increase in click-through rates by including video in emails. Video can also increase conversion rates on landing pages by 80% or more.

6 Types of Legal Marketing Videos to Create

According to research by Wyzowl, of the 91% of businesses that use video as a marketing tool, nearly all consider it a vital part of their digital marketing strategy. Compared to traditional forms of content marketing, which might involve written content or static images, video is considered more engaging and dynamic.

As a law firm, you may not know where to start in reaching your target audience with video. Fortunately, there are many options. Here are six types of legal marketing videos your firm can create.

  1. Introduction Videos

Before hiring a law firm, most prospective clients want to get to know as much as possible about your business and the lawyers they might be working with. You can introduce them to your law firm and make vital connections through video content. Through various introduction videos, you can tell the story of how your law firm started, introduce different attorneys, and even provide a tour of the offices.

  1. Explainer Videos

This type of video is a highly effective marketing tool for law firms. It’s used to educate potential clients on various aspects of the law and answer many frequent questions people have before they hire a lawyer. Some examples of things you can make explainer videos about include:

  • What’s the difference between a will and a trust?
  • What happens after a DUI arrest in Mississippi?
  • Can I move with my child while going through a divorce?

These types of videos not only bring people to your website but they also establish your firm as an authority on these topics and build trust with prospective clients.

  1. Client Testimonials

Client testimonial videos should be another type of video content high on your list. Why? When people need to hire an attorney, they overwhelmingly trust recommendations from others just like themselves. In addition to reading online reviews, your prospective clients would love to watch videos with live client testimonials.

This video format can be one of your greatest sales tools. Past clients don’t necessarily need to discuss the specifics of their cases; they can instead speak to your level of client service and vouch for having a positive case outcome.

  1. Webinars & Podcasts

Another way your law firm can establish trust and position itself as an authority in its field is by offering free, long-form educational material. In writing, this might be in the form of white papers or ebooks. You can repurpose that same material into video format through webinars and podcasts. Depending on your comfort level, these can be pre-recorded or live sessions.

  1. Social Media Shorts

One of the biggest trends in video marketing today is the popularity of social media shorts like Instagram and Facebook Reels or TikTok videos. These short videos, usually about one minute or less in length, are great for people with reduced attention spans. Your law firm can use them to answer a single question or discuss a change in the law.

  1. Video Ads

If your law firm is investing in digital ads, you can spice them up by creating video ads. According to one relevant survey, 67.5% of respondents indicated that video content drives more ad clicks on social media than images or text.

Even if only a portion of your audience clicks on your ads, you can build a lot of brand awareness with this strategy. Specifically, when people see your law firm’s name repeatedly, they’ll remember it for future reference.

Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing Specializes in Video Marketing for Law Firms

If you want to create the most effective legal marketing strategy, it should include video marketing. Fortunately, you don’t need to figure this out on your own. Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing has extensive experience helping law firms boost their engagement and conversions with video marketing strategies.

Our video marketing specialists can help you create new videos or optimize the ones you already have. Call us today at (800) 649-1764 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can incorporate video into your overall legal marketing strategy.

How Should You Use Video in Law Firm Marketing? 

If your law firm wants to increase brand awareness, establish itself as an authority, and boost conversions, video marketing will satisfy your needs. An astounding 87% of marketing professionals now use video marketing as a tool, so there is nothing wrong with focusing on something that is working and making it your own.

Video marketing for law firms:

  • Increases engagement with your target audience
  • Persuades potential clients to choose your firm over a competitor
  • Improves your legal SEO and search rankings

How You Should Use Video in Law Firm Marketing

The issue that many law firms have with video marketing is that they don’t know how to get started and view video production as “too hard.” Here are some of the best ways to use video in your law firm marketing in order to start producing the results you want.

  1. Produce a Firm Introduction Video

If you are just getting started with video marketing, a logical first step would be to create a short video that showcases your law firm. Initially, you may not think you have much to include in such in a firm introduction video, but there is plenty of material if you know where to look. When was your firm founded, and what is your mission statement? What is the background of your attorneys and key staff? What is your process and “promise” to clients? How would you describe your firm’s culture?

  1. Develop Educational Content

A key part of digital marketing for law firms is research. Specifically, you or your trusted legal marketing agency should be identifying what keywords your target audience is searching for so that you can also determine their most pressing wants and needs. Then, you can use video marketing to address some of those needs. For example, “how-to” videos perform well, such as “How to get out of a DUI,” “How to get a divorce in Alabama,” or “how to sue after a truck accident.”

  1. Create Case Studies

Prospective clients want and need to know that your firm has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle their legal issues to a successful conclusion. This can make the difference between a client choosing your firm over a competitor. People love stories, and you can capture their attention with them. Create video case studies that walk a prospect through a situation, such as appealing a Social Security Disability claim denial, from start to finish.

  1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Many law firm websites have one or several pages of Frequently Asked Questions. These might relate to the process of hiring an attorney or specific area of practice, such as getting a divorce in your state or settling a personal injury claim. Some people prefer video content over written content. In fact, it is estimated that by the end of this year, the average person will watch nearly 2 hours of video every day. You can reach an even broader audience by turning this same content into a video.

  1. Start a Vlog

A video blog, or vlog, is another way you can use video to market your law firm. This option is likely the least formal on the list because the videos are supposed to seem unrehearsed and “real.” In short, the attorney posts short videos (they can be live or recorded) that highlight various aspects of the practice. Some ideas include:

  • Thoughts on recent case rulings or legislative changes
  • Tips for the target audience
  • A tour of the office
  • Recent courtroom experience (without breaching client confidentiality)
  1. Profile Your Firm’s Attorneys

Whether your firm has multiple attorneys or you are a sole practitioner, people will be more likely to hire you if you can create an emotional connection with them. One of the ways you do this is by introducing each attorney individually with a video. Have the attorney describe their specialty, talk about why they got started in law, and include some personal information such as their hometown or interests.

  1. Post Video Testimonials

Another way to build an emotional connection with potential clients is through the video testimonials of past clients. By having past clients share their stories of various legal troubles and the ways your firm helped them with a successful resolution, prospective clients can put themselves in that person’s shoes. This builds trust among the public that your marketing materials are more than just words.

  1. Publish Your Videos to Multiple Platforms

It is not enough to shoot those videos. You also must post them. To have the biggest impact, it is a good idea to publish them on as many places as possible. This includes your law firm’s website, YouTube, Facebook, your Avvo profile, and anyplace else online that you have a presence.

  1. Use Video in Social Media Ads

If you are running ads on social media, make sure you are using video because this medium dominates those channels. For example, over 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook daily. Sure, people tend to get “ad blind” on social channels, but they will often notice and watch a video. If you are advertising on Facebook, give video ads a try.

  1. Leverage Video in Your Hiring Process

Finally, your law firm is only as good as the people working for it. If you are interested in hiring the highest-quality candidates, create a video that shows them why it makes sense to work for your firm. Illustrate your values and let potential candidates meet your team. This has the potential to increase both the quantity and quality of the people that want to come to work for your law firm.

What You Need to Do to Get Your Video “Live”

Few attorneys are experts at videography. The good news is that you don’t have to have expensive equipment or software to get a respectable video online. But sometimes those solutions can help your firm put its best foot forward.

Whether you want to give video marketing a shot on your own or if you want to partner with an expert, there is help available. An experienced digital marketing agency can take some of these items off your plate so that you can focus on what you do best – helping clients resolve their legal issues.

Contact Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing Group Today – We Will Help You Become A Video Superstar

At Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing, we have experience helping our clients achieve results with video marketing and welcome a conversation about how we can do the same for you. Give us a call to learn more about our video services at (800) 648-1764 or by using our online contact form.

The Importance of Using Video in Your Web Marketing in 2021

Video, Video, Video…OK, Have We Said It Enough!

Whether you are an established law firm or new firm, you probably know that video marketing is a big deal. But it has never been more prominent than it is today. More people are staying home to stay safe, and most outside entertainment options have been postponed or canceled.

YouTube engagement is at an all-time high, with up to 30% more views of video content and Instagram reports a 70% jump in live streaming. The demand for video content has soared, as has its importance to digital marketing.

People will always have legal issues to resolve, so they are going to need your services. If you want to connect with them in 2021 and beyond, it is vital that video marketing becomes one of your priorities.

Why Include Video in Your Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy?

There are many reasons why your law firm should include video in its digital marketing strategy. First, some data:

Beyond the numbers, here are the reasons why video should be an essential part of your firm’s digital marketing strategy:

Videos Attract Attention

Infographics, photos, and informative posts still have their place. But a video can capture a visitor’s attention in a matter of seconds and hold it if you have a strong message.

Google Loves Video Content

Research clearly shows that video content increases the amount of time a website visitor stays on your site and when you can keep people on your website longer, your search engine rankings will benefit. Google will notice that people are spending more time on your site and reward you for having engaging content.

Law Firm Video Builds Trust

Consumers have grown understandably suspicious of businesses and marketing in general. When you “show” them who you are through video content, it can help instill trust and create a lasting connection.

Legal Consumers Want Video Content

People have become accustomed to seeing video content online and expect it on both websites and in their search engine results.

Video Explains Things Better

Sometimes, difficult concepts are easier to explain through videos. You can use a whiteboard or tell stories in your video that give your audience a better understanding of the subject.

Video Boosts Conversions

Since most consumers claim that video helps them make purchasing decisions, you can leverage this to attract new clients with targeted content.

Video Encourages Sharing

Social media networks, email, and even text apps are equipped to allow users to share videos seamlessly.

How Law Firms Can Use Video in Web Marketing

Video can be a powerful way to market your law firm and its services. Now that video is one of the most popular mediums online, how can your firm harness it to create awareness and produce results? Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Introduce Your Firm

Use video on your “About Us” page or homepage to tell people about your firm, your practice areas, and introduce the attorneys that will help solve their legal issues.

  1. Post Explainer Videos

Written content is still vital, but you can supplement this and broaden your reach by also posting some videos. Explain different legal issues and the ways your firm addresses them.

  1. Testimonial Videos

Before hiring an attorney, most potential clients want some validation that they are making the right choice. You can provide this on your website with testimonial videos from prior clients that let them know what they can expect when they hire your firm.

  1. Case Studies

Your firm can use videos to show potential clients that you have successfully handled cases like theirs in the past. This can instill confidence in your firm’s ability to achieve a positive outcome.

  1. Live Streaming

Having “live” on-camera dialogue with others has become more commonplace over the past year. Law firms can leverage this by live-streaming topic-specific webinars and Q&A sessions to connect with current and potential clients.

Four Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

There is no doubt that video is powerful. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that you don’t necessarily need to meet face-to-face to get things done. Everything from classrooms to work to court cases are being handled through platforms like Zoom and social media channels.

When you market your business, using images helps boost engagement, but video can be even more memorable and effective when done right. Here are a few video marketing trends to watch for the coming year:

Google Search Emphasis on Video

Have you noticed that Google now includes a row of videos in many organic search results? This presents a golden opportunity for law firms to create videos that answer the questions that people are asking. If you can grab one of these spots, it can bring additional traffic to your page and clients to your firm.

The Rise of the Webinars

Online (or “web”) seminars, also called webinars, are another way to market your law firm with video content. You can use webinars to establish yourself as a trusted expert (for example, in estate planning) or to give the public useful information, such as how to file for bankruptcy or get a divorce during a pandemic.

More Omnichannel Video Content

Have you ever mentioned a Facebook video to someone, only to hear that they already saw it on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn? This has become incredibly common because consumers often have a multi-channel diet that consists of many networks. So, when you post a video, it makes sense to do it across several digital channels.

Increase in Video Live Streaming

Posting live video streams is not new, but it has become much more popular as a video marketing strategy. In the past year, people have become used to attending live streamed yoga sessions, music performances, and cooking demonstrations.

This level of comfort with live video has opened new ground for marketers. You can use this medium to post “breaking industry news” or have regular chat or Q&A sessions via your website or social media profile.

Contact Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing Today To Discuss Law Firm Videos

At Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing, we specialize in helping our clients make the most of every opportunity, to create awareness and drive results. Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation about how our team can make video marketing one of your most effective channels in the coming year.