Improving Conversions on Your Law Firm Website

Improving Conversions on Your Law Firm Website

Most law firms today understand the importance of having a website. But an online presence alone isn’t enough to make your law firm stand out in a crowded market or convince potential clients to use your services.

For years, law firms have focused on generating leads from their websites but haven’t given enough thought to improving the chances of converting those leads into paying clients. For some law firms, a single small change is all it takes to turn your results around. For others, a series of actions may be in order.

Here are ten strategies that will help you get a prospective client’s attention and convert your website traffic into new clients.

  1. Make your law firm’s contact information conspicuous and obvious. 

No visitor to your law firm’s website should ever have to search for your phone number or other contact information. Since the goal is to have a prospective client call or send you a message, your contact information should be front and center. Ideally, put your phone number above the fold, within the content, and in your website’s footer. There should also be a dedicated Contact page in case a visitor wants to use that route.

  1. Create custom landing pages for specific services and campaigns. 

Not every potential client should “land” on your law firm’s home page when they first learn about your services. Some prospects have specific pain points or questions that your home page won’t address, and this will only lead to frustration and high bounce rates.

Consider hosting some custom landing pages on your website that are specific to each area of practice and geographic area you serve. These pages should be designed with multiple opportunities for visitors to contact your firm for assistance.

  1. Create strong calls to action (CTA) statements. 

Your prospective clients are more likely to do what you want if you give them some clear directions. Make your calls to action (CTAs) clear, convincing, and prominent. What’s your goal with the content on your page?

Give actionable directions: Call Now, Book an Appointment, Schedule a Free Consultation, Contact us Immediately. Bring attention to your CTAs via buttons, font color, bolding, and other formatting techniques that make them stand out from the rest of the content.

  1. Make it easy to convert on mobile devices. 

Did you know that more people than ever are searching the web and looking for products and services using mobile devices? It’s true, and that includes trying to find a lawyer. If your website isn’t set up for mobile conversions, you are probably losing a large majority of your search traffic to frustration and competitors. Make sure your website is set up for mobile-first and is easy to navigate on all devices. Test your site on a smartphone and confirm that it’s easy to fill out a contact form and even click on the phone number to call your firm directly.

  1. Take another look at your site’s top exit pages. 

Pull up your website analytics and figure out which pages have the highest Bounce Rates. If one of them is your website’s Homepage, that could be a serious problem. Either way, make a list of these top Exit Pages and figure out what is causing people to leave without converting. You may need to add some additional content, rewrite what you have, or redesign the page to optimize it for better conversion rates.

  1. Set up remarketing ads on Google.

Just because a visitor leaves your website, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are lost to you forever. They saw your content, so you’ve already created some brand awareness. You can now use remarketing ads to put your name in front of that person again to remind them that you still want to help.

You can set up these ads through Google (and Facebook), and they will appear to users who have visited your website and are on other pages that use the Google Display Network. It’s a good idea to work with a digital marketing agency to get the best results from this strategy.

  1. Speed up your website. 

One easy way to speed up your legal website’s conversion rates is to reduce the page load time. Walmart discovered a correlation between conversion rates and page load times, with lower conversions associated with pages that took longer than two seconds to load.

While a second doesn’t seem like that long, it is when a consumer is waiting for a web page to load. If your law firm can make small improvements in page speed, it may be able to significantly increase its conversion rate.

  1. Post proof of your qualifications and results.  

Before someone hires your law firm or even contacts you, they want some assurances that you’re up for the job. When a person’s freedom, livelihood, or health is at stake, choosing the right attorney is a big deal. You can boost your conversions by posting your credentials, past case results, and any accolades you’ve received. Make sure you also post testimonials if they are available.

  1. Offer live chat services on your website. 

Many visitors don’t want to wait until your regular office hours to make contact or get an answer to a question. And some are just more comfortable with the online version of texting. If you offer a live chat service on your website, you’ll certainly get increased engagement. Acquire reports that this feature has a 92% satisfaction rate among consumers. Live chat can also schedule those initial consultations with your office while you sleep, so you can start the day with a full calendar.

  1. Make it personal. 

For the most part, potential clients want to hire a lawyer as opposed to a law firm. Build rapport and trust with your website’s visitors by telling them about yourself and how you plan to help them. Let them know about your background and emphasize that you care about their outcome. One way to make this strong connection and boost conversions is through attorney introduction videos.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Law Firm’s Conversion Goals

Conversion rate optimization allows your law firm to lower its client acquisition costs by getting more value from every visitor to your site. When you optimize your website for conversions, you can increase your revenue per visitor, acquire more clients, and boost your overall results.

If you’re ready to start growing your law firm today, Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing can help. Whether you’re a solo attorney or a small firm looking for ways to increase your client base, we have digital marketing strategies that produce results. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about our legal marketing services.

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