Eight easy ways to improve your user experience and turn more website visitors into leads

Easy Tips That Will Improve Your Website

  1. Update your website pictures and content– Too many websites have old, outdated pictures and content that has not been updated in months or even years. You may not realize this, but it makes you seem like you do not care about appearances or if you look like you can’t afford a nice website, then how much could you possibly care about my case. Appearance is everything when it comes to a website. It’s your business card, your resume and your sales pitch. Make sure it looks as successful as you really are.
  2. Reduce the clutter – The attention span of a normal red-blooded American is very short. When your website is cluttered with background images and boxes all over the place, it’s an attention deficit person’s nightmare. Streamlining your home page with professional looking, high quality images, along with bulleted, easy to follow content that directs the visitor to landing pages is much more effective.
  3. Check your contact form and your phone number; Is it easily visible on the home page? People should not have to work to find out how to contact you.
  4. Have a call to action. Does your firm offer a free consultation? Encourage your visitors to fill out a “free case evaluation form”. A no cost “professional” analysis of their situation is a huge benefit for someone that doesn’t even know if they have a case.
  5. Be unique. Stand out amongst your peers. The best law firm advertisers will find a niche that they can exploit. Some law firms will say they are the biggest, while others will say they have the most locations. And, still others will say they will personally return someone’s call. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if everyone offers a free consultation, or everyone will call a potential client back. What matters is that you find something that makes people think you are different.
  6. Be Successful! – I know it sounds crazy, but I can guarantee you that your competitors are not singing your praises, which means, you will have to do it yourself. No one wants to hire a loser, so show people you’re a winner. Put your successes out front and easily visible.
  7. Testimonials Rule the Day – How do we decide on a product or service we’ve never used before? We listen to our friends and read reviews. If someone can read the experiences of others, then they feel more confident that they are getting the best attorney for their case. Make sure you have client testimonials front and center, right on the home page.
  8. Get Videos – The best videos are of your attorneys and of your clients. People love them and will watch them before they read your website information. It’s also a great way to insure a potential client that you are very well versed in the subject matter and to instill confidence in their potential decision.

While all of these tips will help you present a more professional and confident look to the general public, there is always more you can do. Don’t let your website be the weak link in your marketing chain. Instead, it should be the cornerstone of everything you do.

I hope this information helps you improve your website and web marketing program. If you need help with your website or assistance coming up with an effective marketing plan for your law practice, please give us a call. Our team at Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing has over 20 years of law firm marketing experience and we are here to help you. No law firm is too big or too small, so call us today for a free marketing evaluation and website review. Call us today at (800) 649-1764 or through our website contact form.

Don’t miss next week’s tips on improving your placement on Google Search. Have a great weekend.

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