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How to Create a Legal Podcast 

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re aware of the rising popularity of podcasts. It seems as if podcasts are popping up to cover just about any topic you can think of — including those in the legal sector. 

Podcasts offer law firms an additional channel to connect with potential clients and promote their legal expertise in a unique way. This is an excellent opportunity for your law firm to take advantage of something that has become more popular than ever. 

Why Create a Legal Podcast?

Podcasting is all the rage among creators and listeners. According to Statista, there will be an estimated 100 million people listening to podcasts in 2024, up from 82 million in 2021. The Pew Research Center reports that the percentage of Americans who listen to podcasts has increased significantly over the past decade. Specifically, just 12% of Americans ages 12 and older listened in the past month in 2013 compared to 31% in 2023. 

Podcasts have become a popular way for people to consume content, whether as professionals or everyday consumers. You can listen to a podcast while performing other tasks, like exercising or driving. As a law firm, there are several benefits to creating legal podcasts. 

People are more likely to hire lawyers they like, respect, and trust. Having a podcast is one way for people to get to know you and see you have the legal knowledge that can help them resolve their issues. Podcasts are also another way for your firm to get online exposure, which is essential in such a competitive industry. 

How to Create a Legal Podcast — Some Practical Steps

We tend to think of podcasts as audio content. However, you’ll get the most traction from your podcast if you make them with video. If you record your podcasts as video content, you can upload them more more channels and split them up to share across social media. With that tip in mind, here are some practical steps for creating a legal podcast. 

1. Choose Your Niche

It’s impossible to be everything to everyone, and trying to accomplish this won’t help your legal marketing efforts. Instead, you’ll want to decide on a particular focus for your podcast. If you choose too narrow, you may run out of topics quickly, so it’s important you find something with some depth. Some examples include specific kinds of cases you handle, relevant case law, FAQs from clients, and current events. 

2. Create a Content Calendar

Once you choose your niche, you can start on your content strategy. One way to attract and keep an audience is to post consistent and engaging content. You can accomplish this by creating a content calendar that will keep you on track. Make a list of topics you’d like to cover with your podcasts and prioritize them so you know what material you’ll be covering over the next weeks and months. 

3. Define Your Podcast Format

There are many podcast format options you can choose from. If you’re going to run your show solo, this will narrow your options slightly, but this type of show can also highlight your personality and legal expertise. Some examples of podcast formats you can use include having two lawyers regularly discuss topics, interviewing guests, or simply reading questions from viewers and providing the answers. 

4. Get the Technology Right

As with anything you do online, quality is essential. If you try to create content on the cheap, your audience will notice and judge your brand accordingly. That doesn’t mean, however, that podcasting has to be expensive. You’ll either want to invest in a quality microphone and some decent editing software or partner with a digital marketing expert who can help you. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Branding

A legal podcast gives your law firm a valuable opportunity to enhance its branding. This is something you want to invest some time in from the beginning. For example, choose a memorable name for your podcast and pay a professional to create podcast cover art. Your digital marketing firm can help you develop and promote your law firm’s brand across various strategies so it remains consistent and effective. 

6. Choose How You Will Publish

Once you’ve created a few legal podcasts, you’ll want to consider how you’re going to publish them. Most firms start with hosting, which means it lives somewhere on the internet, like a website or Soundcloud. You can then link to it on your blogs and social media sites. If you want to pursue syndication, you’ll need to set up accounts on Google Play and Apple, which can host your podcast. 

7. Promote Your Content

It would be ideal if your target audience simply flocked to your website, blog, and podcast. But, it rarely works that way. You need to take an active role in promoting your content as a new podcast gets ready to “drop,” during a live episode, and after publication. For example, make sure you engage with listeners who comment on your podcast and thank anyone who shares the link. They’ll remember this type of engagement, and it will encourage them to do more. 

8. Track Your Results

As you get ready to start legal podcasting, think about what you’d like to achieve with this type of legal marketing strategy. Make sure you choose some metrics and begin tracking your progress. Are you meeting your goals or falling short? This information can tell you where you might need to improve and give you insights about things you can build upon to get more leverage. 

Ready to Get Started With a Legal Podcast?

Not every podcast you produce is going to be a roaring success. This is another long-term digital marketing strategy you can use to connect with potential clients and improve your overall SEO. Like most marketing solutions, legal podcasts are something that can work for your firm over the long haul since people who access them will remember your firm’s name when they need your services. 

If you’re ready to investigate podcasting or any other legal marketing strategy, we can help. Too Darn Loud Legal Marketing specializes in comprehensive digital marketing solutions for law firms. We will help you craft a message and delivery that helps your firm get found and chosen by its target audience. Contact us today to learn more about our services.