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Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms — What Worked in 2023

If you want your law firm to succeed, you need to have a strong online presence. But the definition of that can change slightly from year to year due to shifting consumer preferences and digital marketing trends. Here are some highlights of what worked well in 2023 to give you a good idea of what digital marketing strategies for law firms will be the most effective going into 2024 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms — What Worked in 2023

Understanding digital marketing trends is a critical part of developing the best strategies for your law firm in the coming year. Good or bad, the digital marketing industry is one of the fastest-changing sectors you’ll encounter. What was effective five or ten years ago may not work as well today. And what is working today may not have even existed a few years in the past.

  1. Content is Still King

Content marketing continued to be the most effective legal marketing strategy in 2023, and that is not expected to change anytime in the foreseeable future. Every law firm needs a modern and engaging website. But the content your firm posts is how potential clients learn about your law firm, make a connection with your brand, start trusting that you can solve their problems, and find out how to contact you.

Law firms can use a variety of content like practice area pages, blog posts, videos, white papers, podcasts, and other content to make these connections. Video content has become even more prominent in 2023, with law firms starting to embrace a wide variety of video content (YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc.) to engage audiences and drive conversions.

  1. Harnessing the Power of AI

As technology has continued to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a more prominent role in law firm marketing. AI is not an ideal technology for content creation because there have been many problems with accuracy and consistency. However, AI is being used to create a more personalized marketing experience for prospective clients.

AI algorithms can be used to tailor interactions with prospective clients so the content they receive is more relevant to their needs and interests. AI can also better analyze insights so your business is making the most informed business decisions.

  1. Using Social Media Authentically

Social media continues to be a fundamental legal marketing strategy. Considering more than half (60%) of the world’s population uses social media regularly, there’s a good chance your target audience is on these platforms. But just having a presence on social networks is not good enough for law firms to get the results they want.

In 2023, law firms and other brands discovered that authenticity is essential on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Specifically, businesses that demonstrate transparency and genuine values are able to make more authentic connections with their audiences.

  1. New Paid Advertising Opportunities 

Google ads and social media ads remain an excellent strategy to supplement some of your long-term legal marketing solutions. Over the past year, new campaign types have emerged that leverage the power of AI. Google’s new “demand generation” campaigns allow your firm to display engaging, multi-format ads across all of the company’s platforms, including YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and more.

These Demand Gen ads allow your firm to reach up to three billion active monthly users. However, most law firms aren’t targeting that law of an audience. The ads also use AI-powered bidding and insights to ensure your ad dollars are being spent in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Adapting for Mobile & Voice Search

According to Statista, just over 95% of internet users globally are accessing online resources via mobile devices. Considering most people are using mobile devices for things like search, it remains essential that your law firm’s website and online content are customized for these various platforms. This is not only important for the client experience but also for your search engine rankings.

With the increased use of voice search, many law firms are improving their results by including conversational keywords and language in their online marketing efforts. This type of language, such as “What’s the difference between a will and a trust?” or “What’s the penalty for a 2nd DUI in Florida?” can help law firms capture additional traffic via search and ads in the coming year.

  1. Integrating Online and Offline Channels

While law firms get more leverage and a higher return on their investment through online marketing, there’s no reason to completely discount offline channels. Whether your firm invests in billboards or involvement in community events, the most important trend is in unifying your online and offline channels.

In other words, your branding elements, messaging, and promotional strategies across multiple platforms should be consistent. Potential clients will notice if you are presenting competing messages across different channels.

  1. Evolving the Client Experience

The client journey begins when a potential client realizes they have a legal issue requiring professional intervention and continues well past the time they engage your firm’s services. Today’s consumers have higher expectations from the brands they support, whether it be a product or service provider.

Many law firms are finding it beneficial to deploy new chatbot technology to offer immediate and individualized client assistance. This technology can tell clients your operating hours, outline your specific geographic coverage and practice areas, and alert someone at your law firm when there is a qualified lead requiring assistance.

Is Your 2024 Digital Marketing Plan Ready?

Now is the time to begin planning your 2024 legal marketing strategy. What worked in 2023 may continue to be effective in 2024, but marketing trends will continue to evolve. It’s essential that you have a clear idea of your goals and a roadmap to achieve them.

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